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DesignFire is a company dedicated to producing comprehensive design packages for fire protection systems. With experience in sprinkler, detection, special hazards and much more, in industrial, commercial and offshore industries. DesignFire comprises a team of highly motivated and dynamic professionals whose depth experience are a valuable asset to the company and our clients. We produce design and documentation packages with all of the necessary information to assess, purchase, install and commission any type of fire protection system.



Latest Projects

RPH Computer Rooms
Royal Perth Hospital has appointed DesignFire to provide detailed design and documents for the provision of a gaseous extinguishing system in the computer rooms. A complex fire detection system initiates the total flooding FM200 gas. Pre-Action Fire sprinkler system design to MRI rooms and various other  installations including the newly refurbished Ward 7

Coles Supermarket -  As part of the current upgrade program, several supermarkets have already been updated to feature new fresh look throughout Australia. DesignFire have been responsible for design of the upgraded fire sprinkler and detection systems for Floreat, Maylands, Midland, Ocean Keys, Warwick, Haynes, Armadale, Victoria Park, Geraldton, Bunbury and Kununnurra stores.

A large isolated refrigerated warehouse which incorporates a wet sprinkler high hazard system in the main warehouse with racked storage and dry systems installed in the freezer. Fire detection is provided in the office areas. The water supply has been upgraded to include new water tank and suitable fire booster pumps.

Curtin University of Techonolgy
Curtin is the largest University in Western Australia. DesignFire provide  expertise for fire detection and EWIS systems. New, upgrades, maintenance or replacements. We enjoy an excellent relationship with a forward thinking establishment. We are proud to say we are the preferred fire services consultant. Provision of services include new full detailed design documents and drawings, to complex reporting and specifications. Recent projects completed include; Erica Underwood Student accommodation, Kurrajong Village, Guild House and North Plant building..
We have been involved with Curtin University for several years now and continue to support Curtin University on a number of current projects throughout campus.

Bluewaters Power
Provision of certifying documents. The client required the fire protection systems to be certified during construction. DesignFire stepped in to inspect, witness testing and provide relevant certification to Australian NFPA and FM standards.

The new mine site constructed in South Australia. DesignFire assisted with design of fire hydrants, sprinklers, detection and underground mains network systems. Networked systems via fibre optic cabling. Fire pumps fed from a dam provide the site fire water. The entire package of disciplines expected in any modern copper mine.
DesignFire provide expertise for new and upgraded fire detection and EWIS systems. DesignFire also produces emergency evacuation plans and documentation support for numerous other buildings throughout the campus. Fire compartmentation review and audits are also included.

Our Services

From a simple design brief to detailed drawings for construction we offer expertise in the following areas.

> Fire Sprinkler systems
> Fire Detection Systems
> Fire Hydrant and Hose reels
> Fire water pumps  
> Gaseous extinguishing systems
> Emergency Warning systems
> Gas detection systems 
> Fire Engineering & audits 

Fire Sprinkler Systems
DesignFire can provide Fire Sprinkler System design to Australian and international standards. We analysis each project on its merits, and provide a economical design using the latest technology and best practices available.
With the developments in computer based full hydraulic design packages, the piping network can become complex, and yet providing the best solution for the project. We prepare our design drawings using CAD drawings, detailing such things as Equipment Schedules, Valve schematics & pipe hanger assemblies, giving a clear picture of the proposed system design.

- System design and verification
- Full Hydraulic Calculations Detailed
- Design drawings
- Material Take Off Sheets
- Fittings Bill of Materials

We can provide Fire Sprinkler System designs based on many years of experience, using the best equipment available in the world, for your particular project.

Fire Detection Systems
With the modern technologies available today we can easily detect the early symptoms of a fire. We can sense the sudden rise in temperature within a room or scan for the infra red radiation from a distant flame. We can process the many different forms of detection and produce the much needed warning to protect life, plant and property.

Designing the correct solution can be as easy as placing a light fitting. Knowing how to integrate this thinking into a much larger picture takes much more careful thought and sometimes innovative engineering.

Getting the balance right. We would not wish to connect our light fitting solely to a large power station. Likewise we need to ensure the fire detection system is designed to protect life and property without costing the earth.

Water & Foam Deluge Systems
Sprinklers are the simplest form of fire protection but some risks demand a different solution. Water Deluge Systems provide total risk protection, for example

- Road and Rail Tunnels
- LPG Vessels (Bullets / Spheres)
- Transformers & Turbine Protection
- Cooling Towers

We provide design to suit relevant standards, best. The piping network is hydraulically balanced and calculated utilising the latest computer based hydraulic calculations programs, and many years of experience to determine the most efficient, functional & cost effective piping designs for each project.

The Deluge System design encompasses such things as
- Response time
- Designed correctly (functionality & operational)
- Future Maintenance

Analysis techniques include:
- Risk analysis
- Nozzle type and placement
- Detection and activation methodology
- Maintenance Planning

Gas Detection
In situations where there are materials which may be the very cause of a serious fire or even and explosion, we need to limit this possibility by detecting a build up of flammable gas.
Toxic gas is also a problem in many process plants. Personnel may be subject to the risk of asphyxiation, poisons or contaminants.
There are standards or codes dictating how to put together the best means of gas early warning systems. Although not comprehensive, we need to incorporate into our design the following elements:
Materials and its behaviour depending on;
- Locations, whether collective or source
- Temperature of material
- Ambient temperature
- Possibility of leak or spillage
- Location of ignition source
- Personnel access

Experience and risk analysis provide some means of producing a design. The customer understands the process systems best. A combination of this thinking is the common sense approach.
DesignFire know how to make good use of all of these principles to engineer the best solution.  

Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems
Early detection of a fire is of no use if personnel are not alerted promptly. Using multiple speakers or audible alarms are the best way to evacuate a fire risk area. Australian and international standards dictate the required sound levels required to warn building occupants. Careful consideration to the building materials, furnishings and obstructions make sure that these minimum standards are achieved.
During emergency situations a communication system dedicated for the fire and rescue teams is invaluable when fighting fire, evacuating personnel or providing early warning. DesignFire integrate all of these systems to provide a cost effective solution.

Gas Extinguishing Systems.
DesignFire provide detailed design packages for all Gaseous Fire Detection and Suppression Systems. Our personnel have been extensively trained and have the technical expertise to provide the best system to meet the risk requirements whether its:
- FM 200
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
- Argonite Inergen Novec and Saphire
- The detection and actuating systems integrate into the overall system ensuring 24 hour availability and automatic release upon demand.

As part of our design package, we supply full computer based system calculations, detailed drawings of piping, hangers, equipment schedules and overall system schematics. Not forgetting the necessary operators and maintenance documentation.

Site Monitoring Systems
Multiple systems located in one plant or site introduce unique problems when it comes to managing a fire condition or emergency event. Conventional fire alarm systems are not designed to supervise such diverse requirements.
Site plans on a computer screen showing building locations and alarm locations make the systems easy to use and reduce delays in responding to an emergency. Using dedicated telephone lines, optical fibres or even radio transmitters we place high speed low power monitoring devices at individual alarm systems. Multiple signals can then be multiplexed to the central control system.
This type of system demands expertise in computing systems, telephone, fire detection, radio and multiplexing techniques. DesignFire have the skills to address these issues.

Drawing office
With a fully equipped CAD drafting office we have the ability to produce multiple discipline detailed design drawings. In accordance with Australian drafting standards AS 1100.
With more and more projects requiring electronic data we have all necessary facilities to meet with all client requirements whether in printed or electronic form.

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